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Basel Street

Basel Street
Basel is where Tel Aviv’s yuppies go to get the espressos, young mothers go out for a walk with their strollers, and in-the-know women come to get their designer and alternative clothing. It’s clean and chic the locals love it.

Basel is actually a 650 meter long street that connects Ibn Gabirol to Dizengoff, but when talking about Basel, Tel Avivians always refer to the even shorter part between Yehoshua Bin Nun in the east and Sokolov in the west, and the surrounding little streets. It’s right in the heart of the Old North, but it’s so nice we decided to give it its own section.

Around the Basel square, whose official name is the City’s Builders’ Square, is where it’s all happening. The attractions are conveniently located around it and everything you want to check out is within a 1km radius. It’s more of a hangout/shopping area than anything else, and if you get here on Friday or Saturday late morning or early afternoon you’ll have trouble locating a spare chair to sit on, as it seems everyone and their sister is here.

Basel Street is named after the Swiss city, where Jews held their first Zionist Congress in 1897, after which Theodore Herzl, otherwise known as The Visionary of the State of Israel, famously declared: “In Basel I establish the Jews’ State”.

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